Are You Suffering With Acne? Want to Know How to Overcome?

women who is badly suffering from acne
women who is badly suffering from acne

For many people, nature has given beautiful and healthy skin. But what do you do for those who are not falling e to the circle of lucky ones?

Adolescents are more likely to experience major or minor skin problems. Of course, you can ignore it or survive with every dark spot you have on your skin. It depends on you. However, the public is forced you to behave according to certain rules. Television, Hollywood movies, photo model photos on magazine covers often make you think that how their skin has become crystal clear!

How to have flawlessly clean skin so that partying, dating or spending time in a solid company does not become a real headache and tears of despair? When you ask this issue from a dermatologist that why some people were constantly suffering from acne and others always looked like they were just born, the answer was, “Drink a handful of Tetracycline.” I wondered, “Is it harmless to health?” The dermatologist just shrugged: “Understand it’s clear that it hurts. ”

Unreasonable use of antibiotics will be harmful for your skin. One of the undesirable effects is that antibiotics acting on the skin’s bacteria also kill the good intestinal bacteria. There is always a need to evaluate the potential relationship between benefits and harm to our body. For example, if you anticipate one of the most important events in your life – weddings in the near future – and your skin is very problematic, you may expect a quick and effective treatment from antibiotics – this may be the case. However, without the use of safer measures and long-term treatment of acne, a rare deliberate dermatologist would immediately prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics are only for the treatment of severe forms of acne.

First of all, you should be familiar with your skin and understand when it feels wrong. Acne is a very individual skin disorder. For some people, a contrast shower is sufficient to prevent acne (hot water is suddenly replaced by cold). For such lucky ones, only such a tool for skin cleansing is enough. However, if you suffer from inflammatory, purulent skin effects, you will have to forget this simple care because you will need to monitor, limit and, of course, treat your skin for a long time.

Actually What Causes Acne?

Some people have acne and others do not. Why is that? No, there’s no exact answer. It is not exactly known what causes acne as well as there have not been many acne medical examinations.

It is found that the tendency to have acne is inherited from the parents. So if at least one of your parents is suffering from this disease, it is likely to be passed on to children. 

Traditionally, excessive sweat glands and the accumulation of endangered skin cavities and bacteria in the air pairs are considered to be major reasons.


Some hormones, androgers, are also considered to be influencing factors. Androgen is present in both men and women, but in men it is higher, so they are called “male” hormones. Androgens do two things. They increase the sebaceous glands of the skin and cause them to excrete more substance.

Therefore, during pregnancy or at the beginning, stop hormonal pills before pregnancy, changes in hormone levels affect the appearance of acne. Changes in hormone levels in teenage adolescence affect acne. And some mature women also might have noticed that 2-7 days before menstruation they have a small increase in pustules. This is because the menstrual cycle changes due to estrogen hormone levels. An increase in estrogen (female hormone) levels in a woman can significantly reduce acne.

Acne Treatments

Acne vulgaris is the most commonly used acne definition. In Latin, “vulgaris” means “simple”. Medically, it is referred to as a disorder of the sebaceous glands of the skin, and in the broad sense acne can be referred to as a skin condition.

Acne can take various forms of severity, depending on the human immune system, prevention, treatment, skin care and other factors. Acne vulgaris is often referred to as “blackheads”, “white blackheads”, “acne comedones”, and “cysts”.

85% of people with acne are between 12-24 years old. With time, the indications for this disorder are decreasing, that is about 8% and 25% of those aged between 24 and 34 years. Heavier forms of Acne are more common among men than women. For example. In the 18-28-year-old group, men who have effected with Acne are even one-third more than women.

These statistics are based on research conducted in the US. The percentage distribution in the age groups clearly shows only the general trend. Unfortunately, people of all ages, even infants, may have acne.

Acne can appear various parts of the body such as face, neck, area under the scalp, back, chest, genitals, legs.

A more severe acne cure is not cured overnight or week – it takes time. And especially if you are a mature age, There is no “best acne treatment.” Because what works for someone else may not help you, or you can get into a few percent of people who don’t even get the strongest antibiotic treatments work on your skin.

This disease is very individual, so acne vulgaris treatment should be complex and not just soap , gels or creams. 

It is regrettable that often these measures are more serious cases, it does not work, and sometimes even worsens the situation. you must know that in severe cases, you will not extensively cured with cosmetic products, and that the treatment may require strong drugs, antibiotics or hormones.

If you are already determined to cure, you need to know the mechanism of the disorder that affects (worsening) factors and carefully choose the appropriate treatment and skin care products for you. And it is also possible to choose a suitable way of prevention, perhaps a diet if your case is unique.


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