Do Not Be Cocky With Your Personal Health

men and women running
men and women running

Managed Care Organization (MCO) takes care of selecting an organization that will collect the premiums paid out of a person’s Social Security money from the Medicare program. In choosing MCO, pay attention how much a plan costs and what it covers. An MCO is intended to permit people to acquire full Medicare coverage at a minimum cost. Find out if an MCO allows you to choose your own doctor or not. MCOs that allow wider choices of doctors and hospitals mean that it includes higher co-payments and deductibles. By choosing an MCO that offers additional benefits, you will have access to needed supplies and services that may not be covered by Medicare.

Health Insurance Premium

There are ways to save on health insurance premiums and one is having separate coverage for couples. Working couples usually receive insurance from two employers and may be able to get more benefits or pay lesser premium as compared to one-income couples. The best deal may be a separate coverage for each of the spouses depending on the payments and benefits of each offered plan. It is also possible to apply for double coverage for both party; or relinquishing one spouse’s coverage in preference of the other’s. For couples with children, compare also your options for a family coverage. The computations can be mind-blowing and, even if you availed of a double coverage, a couple can’t reimburse more than 100 percent on the same claim. 

Health Plans

Health plans vary in the number and types of benefits they will cover. Study the plans offered and look for the best option that matches your needs and paying capacity. Carefully review the benefits available, what is covered and what is not. Does it cover infant care, preventive care or dental care? What percentage, if there are any, of the cost of medical care are you required to shoulder? This could help you determine the out of pocket expenses that you may have to take care of. Gathering this information will aid you in your choice of health insurance plan. 

LTC or LTCI is an insurance product being sold in the US and UK that aids in providing for the cost of “long-term care” (a variety of services that helps to meet both the medical and non-medical need of people with chronic illness or disability who cannot take care of themselves for long periods of time) beyond a prearranged period. Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid generally does not cover this long-term care insurance. Long-term care does not necessarily mean long term because a person may call for care for only a few months to fully recover from sickness or surgery. 

How to cut medical cost

Health insurance shields you from prohibitive medical care costs. A lot of people get a health insurance policy through their employers. At times, the employer helps pay for that insurance. Insurance coursed through employers is often with a managed care plan. These are contracted with health care providers and medical facilities to be able to provide care for members at lower costs. 

You can also buy your own health insurance, but it usually is higher than an employer-based insurance. People who meet specific requirements can avail of government health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. The disadvantage of not having a medical insurance would be paying of your own medical bills or depend on health organizations that donate care.


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