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pre cooked Hungover Soup
pre cooked Hungover Soup

Alcoholic dope scattered over the holidays. Of course, for those who love holidays, they never end, but most people still need to go to the workplace and work for the good of society. And for this you need to bring yourself to a functioning state.

So come on, dear post-New Year reader, today we will talk about a dish that was designed to return us our strength and good spirits. The world cooking knows a lot of such dishes – many nations faced this problem. But no one, probably, will not argue with the fact that the chief specialist on alcohol and its consequences are people living in cold Russia. From there the recipe of a wonderful hungover pickle soup came to us. Well, how not to love rassolnik? Brackish crispy cucumber spreading over the tongue, white grains of sour cream and elastic roundness of barley. It is a warming and pleasing soup that is good in both cold and hot weather. So come on, without further ado, let’s get started.

To begin to put the stew broth. Ideally – from beef shoulder, so familiar. Although classically broth for pickle was made from by-products. But now offal is no longer honored. Fill the meat with water and bring to a boil. Carefully remove the foam, add carnations, bay leaves, a bouquet of garni (dill, parsley, basil and other herbs to taste), a small carrot and onion, and leave for three hours at a quiet fire. To barely gurgled.

We make pickle from beef, so we soak some barley. I do not know how anyone, but I love barley, so I use it with joy. I did not serve in the army, so the barley never overeat.

Pickle pearl barley

On a three-liter saucepan of soup, I take about half a glass of pearl barley. Soak in boiling water for an hour or two while the broth is boiling. It can be longer. It will only get better.

So, the broth is cooked, which means you can get the meat. After waiting a little while for it to cool, cut it into portions, one bite, and return to the pan. We give the bones to the dogs or just throw them out. From the broth remove all the excess that was added to the flavor. We add a little gas. Traditional algorithm

Now it’s time to fry, for which we will cut a few bulbs, one carrot and a few good pickles. The saltier they are, the better, here it is good. Barrel fit best. Well and the brine from them we do not go anywhere – it can be useful. You understand.

Pickle cucumbers

While the broth was boiling, the barley has already become completely beautiful, you can get rid of excess water and send it to the pan with the broth. There we will cut several potatoes, and let it all boil for another 20 minutes, while we are engaged in roasting directly.

In fact, as in most soups, roasting in pickle can be added and not fried. Pokhlebkin, for example, recommends simply chopping carrots and onions in small quantities, sprinkling cucumbers in a small amount of water, and shaking them in the soup — carrots and onions at first, cucumbers at the end. This is also an option, but my experience suggests that an unroasted onion in soup does not look the best, so I would prefer the way that my mother taught me. Fry chopped onion in a little oil. I add to it also carrots chopped finely and pass it all together for a few minutes. I add pickles, fry for another minute, pour in a little cucumber pickle, cover with a lid and turn down the heat to the minimum. Let it go out for 10-20 minutes. It will be great.

Here for now you can try barley and potatoes. They should be quite ready to taste. That means it’s time to add a fry.

They added, mixed, straightened the soup into salt and pepper, if necessary added cucumber brine for the acid, and after five minutes turned off the fire. Is done. It remains to cover with a lid and wait half an hour to infuse. The next day will be even tastier, but it’s a long time coming. It is not everybody can.

And when the lid is opened, there will be a smell. Wonderful, fresh and impossibly appetizing. And then it’s time to call everyone home for the table. Do not forget to submit to the pickle sour cream. It will be great.

Now you can get hot and fragrant treatment. Yes, with fresh white bread. After this, all ailments will disappear, and want to live. Be healthy, dear reader and Happy New Year!


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