Pollen Allergy

women who is suffering from allergy trying to cover it up
women who is suffering from allergy trying to cover it up

All of the things that cause seasonal allergy discomfort, pollen allergies (or hayfever) are the most common and wide spread. Pollen particles released from plants for the purpose of fertilization can be carried for miles by the wind. Unfortunately when there is too much pollen in the air, it can cause problems if you are sensitive to it.

Some of the most irritating germinating plants that will bother you are juniper and birch trees, flowers, grass, grains, and common weeds like ragweed. If you shake a plant in germination you’ll usually see a cloud of powder. Hold your breath!

Pollen seasons vary depending on the plants in question and where you are. If you are allergic to pollen, then you probably pay attention to the daily pollen count and allergy alerts. You might also be sensitive to dust and dust mites. It’s almost impossible to avoid pollen unless you stay indoors and you have an expensive air filter system in your home.

Allergy Relief

The most common way to combat a pollen allergy is to visit your Doctor and discuss taking an anti-histamine. There are a number of prescriptions that target specific symptoms, and your Doctor will know which one is best for your condition. There are also a number of natural sources to help with seasonal allergies. One that has been found to be especially effective against a wide variety of allergies is Mangosteen juice.

An All Natural Anti-Histamine

When the whole Mangosteen fruit is made into a juice it contains over 40 Xanthones. The xanthone is a powerful nutrient with a wide variety of applications. One of the active ingredients is a natural anti-histamine.

If the juice is only made from the sweet center, it’s pretty useless as a healing agent so it’s important you read the label to confirm the juice is made from the whole fruit.

Why Go Natural?

Even though there are millions of allergy prescriptions written every year, there is a growing demand for natural solutions to allergy problems. One thing to consider about natural allergy relief is the fact that botanicals work with a spectrum of nutrients, whereas prescriptions work using a single targeted approach like an anti-histamine. Pills tend to have side effects and sometimes lose their effectiveness over time.

With Mangosteen there are over 40 xanthones working in unison boosting the anti-histamine effect. Many people have discovered that the protection increases with prolonged use of Mangosteen. Allergy relief is a common theme written in testimonials from people sharing their experiences.

As Doctors are becoming aware of how effective Mangosteen is against allergies, they are recommending it to their patients first instead of pills to see how it helps. Prescriptions are only written if required, and in many cases not needed.

Why Are Allergies On The Rise?

Think back a few hundred years. Allergies were almost non-existent because as a race we spent more time outdoors, our food was nutrient rich, sugar didn’t exist. We generally ate better because our food was freshly picked or killed, processing hadn’t been invented and so on. Our general lack of exercise and lack of nutrition leaves our bodies weak and unprotected. Our immune systems suffer because we go for the flavour and disregard basic needs.

Don’t beat yourself up too much though. It’s down right difficult to do the right thing when you are tempted at every turn by misleading advertising, big business more concerned with their bottom line than your health, and hundreds of other factors beyond your control. Don’t give up though!

There is something you can do to control of your allergies and open the door to better health. If your concern is how much it will cost, consider the prevention angle. IF you could get outdoors again, how much more would you enjoy yourself? If you were confident that what you were taking to control you allergies is consistently building your immune system instead of compromising it, how would you feel? If you were more productive because you could concentrate more, look and feel better without the weepy eyes and runny nose, stop coughing and sneezing, how much time would you recapture?


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