Seven Steps to Better Parenting “Badness”

confident looking kid
confident looking kid

Let us begin by looking at what it is and why others see it: especially in developed countries (America and Europe) feel that masturbation is common, it can be profitable if it is done in the same way, it can make it possible to prevent sexually transmitted infections, which can be harmful depression and others.

In African and Asian countries, based on their culture, they see it as a bad thing, not to live in people’s lives. They do not agree to cheat, saying they are not in line with God’s word.

Masturbation can have an adverse effect on the relationship between husband and wife as well as the family life. Doctors and psychologists and psychiatry find that masturbation can begin to be done in the form of self-indulgence. At this point, a person who feels uncomfortable does not do it (which is called “dependence” or “addiction .

Here we may wonder whether masturbation is a disease or a habit. Based on the fact that experts see it, we say that masturbation begins as normal, it will continue to become a habit, until it can become a mental illness, where a person feels like to do it everywhere (at work, in school, at bed, and elsewhere)

What you can do with the reality

1. There are no drugs to take in order to stop breastfeeding.

Rather, it requires changing the way you think and how you feel yourself, so why it takes days.

2. The first step is to know the truth about masturbation and its consequences:

Sexual pleasure is a normal human experience. It is best if it is done between two people, that you want to do it on your own and that it will have a negative impact on your life.

3. After realizing the facts about masturbation and masturbation, try to remind yourself of the first day you did it, and why you did it:

Did you do it because you missed another party? Did you do it for fun or for some other reason? Once you understand why you did and you understand why you want to quit, take steps to help you quit.

4. If there are other factors that make you feel like cheating, such as looking at porn movies you stop and stop them.

5. Change the way of thinking:

It does not mean that it is difficult to absorb the ideas of masturbation but to replace them with other good things. EXAMPLE: “I feel wanting to be masturbating but I am going to have a negative impact, which is why I have decided to give up, the energy I have used to use other good works.” After these days of practice, it will come to an end.

6. Try to find the most interesting activities in the masturbation:

Exercise, make friends, talk, visit the brothers, try to visit out, and other activities that will help you feel better and keep you out of your room alone.

7. You are asked to avoid anything that makes you feel like cheating. SELF-CONTROL CLEANING AND BEGINNING TO FOLLOW IT, AND YOU CAN BE YOURSELF.


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