The Secret To Skin Allergy Relief

Skin Allergy on feet
Skin Allergy on feet

Have you ever wondered how someone could develop a skin allergy? This article may answer that question and help motivate you to do something about it. The solution requires a little work and commitment, but the pain and suffering you can avoid will easily make up for it.

Some studies focus on what causes a rash or hives, and research will uncover lists of commons allergens like nickel, gold, fragrances, formaldehyde, and so on. The fact is a short list can’t possibly cover all skin allergy causes. But here are a few things you can do to help your specific skin allergy, so let’s explore that.

Find The Root Cause For Your Skin Allergy

Probably the most obvious thing to do is get to know what is causing your skin allergy. A patch test has proven to be very informative for rash and hives… but, there’s always a “but.” Some findings have shown that almost half the people who have the skin allergy patch test done, forget what caused the problem. So you might want to save those results to jog your memory if you’ve had that test done.

The next logical step is to eliminate what ever is causing your skin allergy. Some irritants may be more difficult than others to get rid of. For instance, sentimental jewelry containing nickel or gold. Put it away and shop for hypo allergenic next time. You might love coffee, but it doesn’t like you. Switch it up for tea or some other hot drink, you get the picture.

A Better Solution For Allergies

Let’s look at what may be the root cause of the skin allergy problem. Toshiro Takai from the Juntendo University School of Medicine in Tokyo Japan led a study recently on dust mites showing interesting results. He and his colleagues discovered that the feces from dust mites have two enzymes that are designed to break down human skin cells for the dust mites to feed on. Proteins in the feces called “Der f1 and Der p1” are the enzymes that break the skin down and have shown to cause powerful allergic reactions in some people.

Previous studies showed that the “Der f1 and Der p1” enzymes make your airways more sensitive to other allergens, such as those produced by cats or dogs. They also found that repeated exposure to these enzymes create worse reactions over time, including skin allergy reactions.

Using hairless mice the researchers at Juntendo University found that controlled exposure to the dust mite feces caused skin on the mice to become irritated. They found this exposure disrupted the skin’s barrier function, which would likely allow easier entry for allergens and irritants. They concluded that inflammation, itchiness, and dry skin of a dust mite allergy is probably triggered by dust mite feces breaking the skin down.

Allergy Spin Off’s

It gets worse! It seems the more you’re exposed to dust mite feces, the better your chances of developing sensitivity to other allergens. That being the case, it stands to reason a good line of defence is to reduce your exposure to dust mite feces. The way to do that is to vacuum more often.

Vacuum your carpets at least once a week and get them steam cleaned twice a year. Throw away feather pillows and find out which types of hypo allergenic pillows are the most comfortable. IF your carpets are old, replace them with vinyl, hardwood or tile. Replace old fabric furniture with leather if you can afford it.

If that’s not enough, you should consider eliminating all toxic cleaning agents, solvents and other chemicals. A good reference for that is “Dr. Hulda Clark’s Cure For All Cancers” She lists everything you should get rid of for better health. You can probably find her book at the library.

Eliminating Toxins Isn’t Everything

To carry this idea to it’s logical conclusion, consider re-building your immune system for protection against skin allergies. If the dust mite feces break you skin down and make reactions worse over time, then it stands to reason that rebuilding your body will protect you and reduce skin allergy reactions, or eliminate them all together.

What Works and What Doesn’t Work

Prescription medications will not cure your skin allergy problem! Prescriptions have one single active ingredient (anti-histamines) that controls allergies, and can only be seen as a temporary solution. What if you had a natural source of anti-histamines with a full spectrum of complimentary nutrients. A recent discovery from an ancient remedy is now available in North America and many other countries.

Thousands of people seeking relief from allergies and other diseases have found long lasting and even permanent relief from skin allergies with this natural source. Mangosteen (not related to Mango) can work wonders for your skin allergy problems by using it topically and internally.


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