Top Seven Allergy Relief Products

men suffering from Allergy
men suffering from Allergy

If a natural allergy remedy works for you, this is a much better solution. Many of us are aware of the side effects of pills. There is a growing trend to find a natural solution to health problems before having to resort to pills.

There are a number of allergy relief products to quell possible flare-ups. Here is a list of the seven most effective ways to find relief from allergies.

Nasal Sprays and Nasal Strips

Nasal Sprays help clear nasal passages as well as moisten them. Nasal Strips help open nasal passages, reduce snoring and helps with breathing when working out.

Vacuum Cleaners and Dusters

These can help but you may want to consider wearing a face mask when vacuuming or dusting to prevent inhaling any dust your stir up. Look for a duster that captures dust rather than just moving it around. Vacuum cleaners are notorious for blowing dust out the exhaust valve. Either have your vacuum tested or buy one that is capable of holding everything in the dust bag. The type of vacuum cleaner that creates a whirlwind inside the bag usually captures and holds the most dust.

An old vacuum cleaner sales mans trick to check for dust leakage, is to turn out the lights and shine a flashlight on the exhaust to see how much dust blows out the back end.

It is recommended to vacuum your bed once a month with a good vacuum cleaner to remove dead skin. An accumulation of dead skin in your mattress will breed a colony of dust mites, which are another source of irritation. Consider getting rid of feather pillows, which are another source of dust mites. Dust mites are attracted to your scalp skin and eventually end up eating the feather material as well. Think about how close the pillow is to where you breathe. The irritant is the dust mite feces!

Air Filters

There is a wide variety of air filters on the market. Hepa filters are generally considered the best quality, but are the most expensive of course. If air quality is important to you then invest a little in a good quality air filter. If you have central heating in your home be sure to get a good quality furnace filter and have your furnace serviced at least once every two years. Make sure to change your furnace filters twice a year or more often if you find it helps.


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and reduce humidity. They can be helpful with respiratory problems and help with mould allergies. Choose one that can be easily cleaned and runs quiet.

Hypo Allergenic Bedding

You can pick up bedding and pillows made from non-synthetic materials that don’t irritate the skin. Hypo allergenic bedding is usually made from material like cotton, wool, or silk.

Prescription Allergy Medications

If you’ve tried all of the above and still have difficulty, see your Doctor as you may require a prescription. Your Doctor will help you identify whether you need an anti-histamine, decongestant or a nasal spray. If you’e lucky you may be able to get away with cheaper over the counter drugs. Self medicating can sometimes be a problem and if you pick up the wrong thing you’re probably wasting money.


If you have serious allergic reactions to things like bee stings, then you should consider keeping an EpiPen close by at all times.

Natural Allergy Relief

If a natural allergy remedy works for you, this is a much better solution. Many of us are aware of the side effects of pills. There is a growing trend to find natural allergy relief before having to resort to pills.

Mangosteen juice has been making headlines lately and the word is spreading from one Doctors office to another as they discover the variety of benefits. One of the most efficient things Mangosteen can do is reduce or even remove allergy symptoms. Many Doctors are suggesting Mangosteen first, then if required a prescription for persistent problems.

Be aware: Mangosteen juice is offered by many companies. The only preparation worth its salt is one made with the whole fruit such as the XanGo brand. A whole fruit preparation that tastes good is not easy to make because the rind (where all the nutrients are) is very bitter. XanGo has been able to achieve this, capture all the nutrients as well as make it tasty.


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