Why Some Couples Embracing on Bed?

happy couple
happy couple

Research suggests that 1 in 6 women has pain during sexual intercourse, which is mainly due to sexual abstinence where there is not enough capacity. So there are also some of the questions that we are born with, such as sensitivity to sex and others. This is often the case with older women who have been born (after birth), but even women / girls are very young. This also has a profound effect on whether they are contracting other sexually transmitted infections or those that are caused by infertility and are a cause of discord with the Lord.

Normally the female or female sexuality is the same as the fluid or urine. This water or leakage (leakage) will be brought in by the cotton so that it is possible for the absorption. These hormones are also in the mucous membranes of the vagina, and in the genital organs of the vagina, which make them on both sides. This water is also the one that causes the genital mutilation to change both the new and the human body as it is constantly changing. In short, the cerebral palsy makes the genital organs clean and clean.

There is another bartholin’s glands, which is said to be in the penis of sexuality, so that its parts can be confused with other threats or tension. This also plays a role in giving the male / female sex worker and sex outside the vagina.

This is a hormone or transition that changes or changes the work due to the work that could be done or was done in the genital area as well as the female fluctuations. In other words, sexual activity or sexual intercourse (such as during sex), can lead to sexual intercourse, or there may be enough water or additive.

So when the woman comes at the time of childbirth, it is one of the most common cuts mentioned above. However, some drugs can also cause sexual intercourse to women / girls, or they may have a negative impact on the brain and all the senses and practices that make it possible to increase the effectiveness.

Here are some of the most important reasons for a woman

horumones:  Hormones: Some lack of hormones: The lack of a hormone (oestrognes) may be the cause of sexual intercourse. This usually happens when a woman does not give birth. It can also exist if there is another reason. As if a woman has a baby with a baby or a pregnant baby, the Orumone may be very small and in her vagina it will not be well.

Pesticides: Some anti-contraceptives, as well as other drugs like breast cancer, can be a major cause of sexual intercourse for women / girls.

Sexual Aspects of Sexual Asthma: Sexual intercourse can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases. There is even more than sexual intercourse, and it is painful and painful.

Cleanliness: There is also a time to stay in a woman’s vagina because she does not care about the first and most important hygiene. This can lead to sexual intercourse because there is a lot of waste.

Drugs: Tobacco, Alukolum (alcool) may also cause sexual intercourse in relation to brain failure, and depression.Reasons for brain development: These are largely due to the fact that they are not well prepared for both partners or a very unhealthy woman. It can also be caused by sexual intercourse over time, and he rarely does it often. It can also be caused by having a woman / girl who has unwanted sex or a woman who has been sexually active and has had sex in her head.

And then this disorder can be attributed to the Sendorome Gougerot-Sjögren (Gougerot-Sjögren Syndrom), which is also known as Syndrome sec: This can take all people but research shows that 90% of those who are women are 45 and 50 years old. so he spins a variety of roses. In addition to genital herbicides, spermicides are so common that the woman is in the mouth with her mouth, she has no tears. As a result, the genetic digestive system is so low that it is less sensitive to the absence.

In the meantime, as shown by the website france5.fr, having sex is endless because there are many medicines and it returns to the age of age or other reasons. You just have to have this problem and the solution is the answer. You go to the doctor, so you can discuss the problem with the doctor and the medication.


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